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"The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn". 

– Dr. Montessori

Milford Montessori School


"Our son has exceeded any expectations we could have had from an academic standpoint. He has just turned 5 and is reading at an end of kindergarten level, doing math work that is far beyond any 5-year-old, knows all of his continents, and has a true love of learning. Beyond the academic learning, he has learned so much about being an independent problem solver as well. Ms. Brea and the amazing staff at Milford Montessori have given us the best fgift we could ever give our son. We could not be happier with our last three years at Milford Montessori."

- Bob & Mandy Brugger

"Milford Montessori School has been such a blessing to us this year. Like every parent sending their child to school for the first time, I was nervous for the transition. MMS immediately proved to be a stable, calm and supporting environment in which my child was able to thrive. I couldn't have asked for better teachers and staff. My son has come so far academically, socially and emotionally in the preschool class. I wholeheartedly recommend MMS to anyone considering the school for their child."

Thanks and regards,
- Jamie Baggett

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