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Welcome to Milford Montessori School!

A Montessori Education "prepares children for life," not just the next academic level by cultivating within the child his/her own natural curiosity and desire to learn. As a Montessori School, we provide a culturally rich environment with the sequential Montessori materials, as well as other "hands on" manipulatives that develop everyday living skills. The children learn through exploration of these materials in the classroom as well as outside in nature with the guidance of Montessori-trained teachers. The Montessori Philosophy of "Follow the Child" allows children to work at their own pace and 'move ahead' in areas of high interest while maintaining a steady progress in others.

All kindergarten and preschool classrooms include a 3 year age span, with a 1:10 ratio, including support teachers. The infant and toddler classrooms have a 1:4 ratio. They are all directed by Certified Montessori Teachers with a college education and/or training in developmental education of Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary. Our teachers are affiliated with the American Montessori Society (AMS) and Michigan Montessori Society (MMS). Our assistant teachers hold a Montessori Paraprofessional Teaching Credential. Most of the dedicated Milford Montessori Staff has been together upwards of 10 years. They truly love "helping children to help themselves" creating an atmosphere of community, respect and joy in learning.

We encourage you to schedule an observation of a classroom so that you can see for yourself the "Montessori Difference!"

Our Mission

The philosophy of Milford Montessori School is one of UNITY and COMMUNITY. We adhere to the Montessori philosophy of educating the whole child: physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Our team of Montessori teachers is dedicated to the following the "spirit of the child," while developing a community of harmony, trust, and joy in learning.

We are a team who believes we learn as much from the child as they learn from us. We see ourselves as guides to serve the child in their independence to develop at their own pace and to trust the child to know their own needs. We believe the child, parents, and teachers are members of the same community dedicated to the purpose of guiding the child in his own efforts to develop themselves in their atmosphere of trust and joy.