Summer Camp

Each year we hold an 8 or 9 week summer camp. It is a great way to introduce the Montessori environment to the new children enrolled for fall, meeting new friends and teachers, while providing social experiences and fun for returning children who find summer a little too long!

The Summer Program at Milford Montessori has been designed to capture the interest of the child with a sequence they can relate to and interact with, regardless of age, session or number of weeks enrolled. The aim of the program is to give each child the opportunity to discover his/her own abilities and creativity through an active role in the program. The emphasis will be on cooperation and respect for individual ability and......

Having a great time!!
You may enroll for one or all weeks of our program. Call the school for a more detailed brochure of this year's activities and programs.
Below you can see a preview of our themes.

Milford Montessori School

2700 E. Commerce Rd., Milford, MI 48381

“Around the World In Eight Weeks”
(PLUS Bonus Spanish Week)

Week 1:  (June 17th – June 21st)

North America – “Navigating North America”

  • Canadian Crafts
  • Native Americans
  • Ponchos & Posadas

Cooking:  Maple Syrup Waffles
Friday Fun:  Pinata Party

Week 2:  (June 24th – June 28th)

United States –
“Fifty Nifty United States”

  • Stars & Stripes
  • Canoes & Covered Wagons
  • My Michigan

Cooking:  Crazy Coneys
Friday Fun:  Patriotic Parade

Week 3:  (July 8TH  – July 12th)

South America –
“The Awesome Amazon”

  • Respecting Rainforests
  • Amazon Animals
  • Carnaval Costumes

Cooking:  Tropical Treats
Friday Fun:  Samba & Soccer

Week 4:  (July 13 th – July 19th)

Australia – “Wonders Down Under”

  • Kangaroos & Koalas
  • Didgeridoos & Dreams
  • Cool Coral Reefs

Cooking:  Aussie Pie
Friday Fun:  Aboriginal Art

Week 5:  (July 22ND – July 26TH)

Antarctica – “Iceburgs & Igloos”

  • North vs. South Pole
  • Playful Penguins
  • Innovative Inuits

Cooking:  Edible Iceberg
Friday Fun:  Ice Age Play

Week 6:  (July 29th – August 2nd)

Europe – “European Explorers”

  • Crafty Cuckoo Clocks
  • Painted Pasta Pictures
  • Stained Glass

Cooking:  Gingerbread
Friday Fun:  Sand Castles

Week 7:  (August 5th – August 9th)

Asia – “Fun in the Far East”

  • Mandalas & Mendhi
  • Flowers & Fans
  • Dragons & Drums

Cooking:  Sweet Sushi
Friday Fun:  Chinese New Year

Week 8:  (August 12th – August 16th)

Spanish – “Speaking Spanish”

  • Animals
  • Transportation
  • Numbers, Colors & Shapes

Cooking:  Tacos
Friday Fun:  Dance Party

Week 9:  (August 19th – August 23rd)

Africa – “Summertime Safari”

  • Mummies & Mud Painting
  • Fables & Folklore
  • African Animals

Cooking:  Yummy Yams
Friday Fun:  Schoolyard Safari


All children should bring a water bottle daily clearly labeled with their first and last name.  Full day students should bring a bathing suit, towel and sunscreen daily in order to participate in water play / sprinkler fun after lunch